Writing Mahou; a Cappuccino Image Search

September 7, 2008 I spent much of the day writing Mahou, which is the Japanese word for magic, and is now also a Yahoo! Boss Search Mashup Framework and Cappuccino (and Google App Engine, while we're at it) powered image search engine. It's a pretty interesting application, and even the least technical readers might enjoy playing around with it a bit.

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Startups and Assembly Lines

September 5, 2008 After reading George Lakoff's Don't Think of an Elephant I spent a long time trying to apply his idea of framing to my own life. One deeply rooted but flawed mental model that kept occurring to me was that of "businesses as assembly lines." Beyond the dubious morality of treating workers as cogs, this assembly line frame also encourages excess production as Good, and profit as God. Worse yet, the model erroneously conflates profit with utility, and leaves us all worse off for it.

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Migrating the 'This Week in Django' Concept

September 5, 2008 This Week in Django had a fantastic site design, and pausing to examine the new layout I wondered: why hasn't the TWID concept spread to other projects?

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Poor Wireless Connectivity for MacBook

September 4, 2008 Quick posting of my solution to extremely poor wireless connectivity on my MacBook.

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Naming and Casing Convention in PyObjC

September 4, 2008 PyObjC does an excellent job of merging together Python and Cocoa, but sometimes the resulting merge creates grey areas. Casing and naming convention is undoubtedly one of those foggy spots. This article takes a stab at defining a pragmatic naming and casing convention.

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Introducing Kappa, a Twitter Client

September 3, 2008 After beginning work yesterday, I believe that there is the raw material for an useful Twitter client in this application (OS X 10.5 required), although there is certainly a good bit of cruft remaining as well. Give Kappa a whirl and let me know how it goes.

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I Live in New Jersey

September 1, 2008 Well, I've gone and moved to New Jersey. It's a bit different from North Carolina, Kentucky, and Japan, but not the end of the world. Some people might even say its quite nice. Other than people who use their horns. That's just unnecessary.

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Dynamic Ad Targeting With django-monetize

August 29, 2008 For the past few days I have been working out this project in my head, and I finally sat down this morning to finish the implementation. django_monetize is a pluggable Django application for easily using a diverse array of monetization techniques in your Django project, and also for targeting different ads/monetization options based on the viewer and page content.

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Transcending Search-as-You-Type Stickiness

August 29, 2008 A look at improving the standard search-as-you-type search field for non-instant searches, which in naive implementations can create a lagged or sticky feel to your user interface.

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Epic PyObjC, Part 5: Resources and Farewell

August 27, 2008 This brief final segment of the Epic PyObjC tutorial series looks at a few statistics from the series, and also I recommend a few resources for moving forward.

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Epic PyObjc, Part 4: Drag & Drop, Multiple Nibs

August 27, 2008 In this fourth segment of the Epic PyObjC tutorial we take a look at implementing drag and drop in two different ways, as well as using multiple nibs in one application. This is the final segment of Epic PyObjC that focuses on this project; the fifth one will be a collection of resources about continuing with Cocoa and PyObjC.

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