Using Our Own Software

February 4, 2008 Do you have software that you wrote that you use on a daily basis? A few programs, or none at all? Why or why not?

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Using Optional Parameters in Django Urls

February 4, 2008 A simple but helpful trick for using optional parameters in Django views to allow one view to serve multiple urls with varying parameters.

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Technical Aspects of the Life Flow Editor

February 3, 2008 A discussion about some of the technical aspects involved in the implementation of the LifeFlow Editor. Some Django snippets included.

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Introducting the LifeFlow Editor

February 3, 2008 Its taken a while, but I've finally gotten around to writing an editor for LifeFlow which will replace using the Django admin. Its not completely finished, but a lot of the functionality is here.

Don't play with this on your production deployments yet, its being a bit weird on converting between Drafts and Entries

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Why Was The Syllabus Born?

January 29, 2008 My thoughts on an interesting article about removing syllabi from college schooling.

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On Hegemony and an Anti-Capitalist Bias in European Textbooks

January 27, 2008 A few thoughts on anti-capitalist bias in German and French textbooks, and on similarities between pro-capitalist mass education and pro-socialist mass education.

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Hot Water Is Broken

January 27, 2008 My hot water is broken, and its damn cold here.

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5. A Chartered Bus to Downtown Tokyo

January 25, 2008 The fifth segment in what will either become a novel or slowly evaporate into the mists of unfinished dreams.

Standard Workflow for Publishing With LifeFlow

January 24, 2008 A simple combination overview and Frequently Asked Questions about how to use LifeFlow to publish your blog entries.

Replacing the Karma Social Model with Whuffie

January 22, 2008 Recently I ran into the concept of Whuffie and immediately fell for its charm as a potential solution to many of the flaws of current karma implementations in web applications.

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Catching Lessons From Spam

January 22, 2008 Looking at some pieces of spam that were inadvertently caught by my old comment implementation.

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