Filtering Arrays in Objective C

February 16, 2008 A quick look at how to filter NSArrays in Objective C.

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Teaching Elementary Classes as an ALT

February 14, 2008 Teaching elementary lessons has been one of the banes of my time as an Assistant Language Teacher. It just isn't part of my job that I enjoy. Here are a few tips and thoughts about the experience.

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My First Sickday in Japan

February 13, 2008 Had a weird morning today...

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Midnight Philosophy in The Garden of Good and Evil

February 12, 2008 Whatever one might be tempted to label it as, its just a disjoint collection of sentence scribed by someone who ought to be in bed.

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Seeking Some Music I Can't Find

February 11, 2008 I have been desperately searching for a piece of music that will resonate with my current state of being. Here is a travel log of the beginning of this journey.

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Some Biased Analysis of Music Videos

February 4, 2008 Although not very many people have been exposed to this minor hobby of mine, every once in a while I spend a week or two watching a lot of music videos. From these studies I have learned a thing or two about what makes music videos click.

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Using Our Own Software

February 4, 2008 Do you have software that you wrote that you use on a daily basis? A few programs, or none at all? Why or why not?

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Using Optional Parameters in Django Urls

February 4, 2008 A simple but helpful trick for using optional parameters in Django views to allow one view to serve multiple urls with varying parameters.

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Technical Aspects of the Life Flow Editor

February 3, 2008 A discussion about some of the technical aspects involved in the implementation of the LifeFlow Editor. Some Django snippets included.

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Introducting the LifeFlow Editor

February 3, 2008 Its taken a while, but I've finally gotten around to writing an editor for LifeFlow which will replace using the Django admin. Its not completely finished, but a lot of the functionality is here.

Don't play with this on your production deployments yet, its being a bit weird on converting between Drafts and Entries

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Why Was The Syllabus Born?

January 29, 2008 My thoughts on an interesting article about removing syllabi from college schooling.

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