Reflections on the old year, and the new one

January 7, 2008 Its been a strange five months in Japan, and I'm sure the next seven will be strange too. But its not such a bad life. It seemed like a good day to write down some thoughts about where I am and where I am going. So I did.

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BluePrint CSS makes LifeFlow look better, and easier to customize

January 6, 2008 After a bit of work, a BluePrint based version of LifeFlow is now ready for deployment. A little more tweaking and I'll be on to writing some tutorials on setting it all up.

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Music Recommendations & Snow Pictures

January 6, 2008 Today was my first full day back in Kamioka, and I spent a couple hours of it snapping pictures. Here are a few to share the gift of snow with those who haven't been thusly blessed.

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Implementing Threaded Comments in LifeFlow

January 5, 2008 A brief discussion on implementing comments in LifeFlow.

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Visiting Kiyomizudera

January 3, 2008 I went and saw Kiyomizudera in Kyoto on January 1st, and customarily took a few arbitrary pictures.

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Status Update for LifeFlow

January 3, 2008 A quick update on where LifeFlow is, and where it is going.

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Accolades for Pygments 0.9

January 3, 2008 Pygments 0.9 adds lexers for Common Lisp along with a handful of other languages. I am an unabashed fan.

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Actors in Common Lisp

January 3, 2008 Taking a brief look at my current project of implementing Erlang/Scala style actors in Common Lisp.

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Packaging of Renu Contact Solution

January 2, 2008 A quick look at the packaging for Renu contact solution in America and Japan.

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Miyajima and Hiroshima

December 30, 2007 Some pictures and minimal commentary from my trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima.

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Designing My Future Home

December 29, 2007 Isn't it one of the great dreams of humans to design and build your own home? Well. I had a few ideas this morning and decided to put together a sketch.

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