Moving Writings to Separate Flow

December 24, 2007 The fiction writing didn't integrate well with the other content in the Life feed, and each made the other more confusing and less comprehensible. So the writings now exist in their own flow.

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Two-Faced Django Part 7: PyFacebook and FBJS Ajax

December 17, 2007 The seventh (and final!) entry in the Two-Faced Django series. We look at implementing Ajax functionality in the Facebook app we have been developing with PyFacebook.

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Upgrading from 256 to 512 megs of ram

December 16, 2007 Minor upgrade to my VPS from 256 to 512 megs of RAM. Things should be more stable.

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Two-Faced Django: Live install

December 16, 2007 The example application built in this series is now alive and accessible. Although, its extraordinarily bland. I will acknowledge that. The Facebook portion is also alive here.

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Two-Faced-Django Part 6: PyFacebook

December 13, 2007 The sixth section of the Two-Faced Django tutorial where we begin implementing the FaceBook portion of our project.

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Two-Faced Django Part 5: JQuery Ajax

December 12, 2007 Moving along in the Two-Faced-Django series, we look at using JQuery for Ajax in the webapp portion of our program.

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4. Airplanes

December 10, 2007 Its hard to know what to think about airplanes. But sometimes its harder to stop thinking when you're participating in their scientific magic.

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Two-Faced Django Part 4: The Webapp

December 9, 2007 Segment four of the Two-Faced Django series. Implementing our web application (except for the Ajax).

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Two-Faced Django Part 3: Newforms

December 4, 2007 Part three of the Two-faced Django series looks at using newforms for validation.

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Two-Faced Django Part 2: Models and Django Testing

December 4, 2007 In the second part of this series we put together our models for this project, and also introduce the Django testing framework.

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Two-Faced Django Part 1: Building a project that exists simultaniously on Facebook and the web

December 4, 2007 The first article of an eight article series on using Django to create apps that exist simultaneously as independent web applications and as Facebook applications. This segment covers putting together our development setup.

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