Context is a Parameter in Calculating Truth

November 5, 2007 Some thoughts about one of Pirsig's arguments in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, as viewed from the eyes of a programmer. Are my thoughts valid? Correct? True? Well. That probably depends on context.

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Those Annoying Habits

November 5, 2007 Life anywhere has its little frustrations. Normally we just get over it and move on. Sometimes the frustrations keep getting thrown back at you again and again. The best of us move on anyway. The rest of us occasionally find the intense need to dwell on it a bit.

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Defining Your Web Aesthetic

October 24, 2007 A quick test for helping designers discover a little bit more about the preferences of their customers.

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Introducing my Japanese Kitchen

October 21, 2007 A quick overview of the kitchen in my apartment. It has accumulated two decades worth of stuff... but still doesn't have a rice cooker. Damn.

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Hiking Tengaisan

October 21, 2007 Some pictures from a recent hike in nearby Yamanomura, part of the Kamioka section of Hida city. Also some pondering about the consequences of modernity on Japan and America.

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Reliable Mealtime Friends

October 20, 2007 A look at a few of my favorite meals for myself in Japan. Nothing fancy, but dependable friends in times of need.

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Grocery Shopping in Japan

October 20, 2007 (This entry contains a number of pictures and may load a bit slowly on some connections.) I spend a lot of my day thinking about the next meal. In conjunction with that I do a lot of grocery shopping. Here is an annotated pictorial of my groceries.

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Getting Cold in Kamioka

October 18, 2007 Its starting to get cold. I am wearing long underwear (thanks Mom!), and its the middle of October. The thought of the approaching winter leaves me in tears.

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Teaching Adult English Classes

October 18, 2007 A collection of my thoughts and advice from my English conversation lessons taught to an adult class. A handful of ideas on topics, and awkwardly generic recommendations.

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Getting started with Shoes on OS X

October 15, 2007 Shoes is a GUI toolkit worth a look. Simple design, brief code, and Ruby make for a pleasant experience. As long as you can overlook the minimal documentation and unpredictability that comes with young projects.

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Expectations and Reality for the lowly ALT

October 14, 2007 When you apply to the JET program you have a lot of expectations. Then you talk to a couple of people who participated in the JET program before, and you get a new set of different expectations. A true JET veteran would tell you that Every Situation Is Different and to stop predicting because you're never going to know.

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