Making Static Dynamic Again; AYM CMS

September 15, 2008 A few lines of code and a few minutes of refactoring and my previous blog post evolved into a full-fledged static content management system based on the Django templating system. It aims to facilitate the creation of complex static websites quickly and with minimal human effort. Welcome to AYM CMS.

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Intricate Static Websites With Django Templates

September 15, 2008 Over the weekend I needed to create a slightly complex static website, and decided to make a go at using Django templates to build it. I was not disappointed.

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Sparklines.js Port to Python

September 13, 2008 Here is an incomplete and imperfect port of Sparklines.js to Python, extracted from an incomplete project that has lost much of its momentum.

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Yes, You Do Care About Cappuccino

September 12, 2008 This entry takes a look at the reasons why you do care about Cappuccino (even if you don't know it yet). Although I doubt you'll end up using Cappuccino on the job anytime soon, it gives us a glimpse at a more flexible and exciting future.

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Extending Mahou; Gotchas and Snippets

September 12, 2008 A few thoughts and code snippets from further extending Mahou. Written in a rambling style with little purpose or direction. You've been warned.

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Extracting Data From Google Analytics Reports

September 11, 2008 Today I'm releasing a Python library I put together a few months back, which supports extracting data from exported Google Analytics reports into simple Python data structures (dictionaries, lists, and datetimes). Using it you can easily run custom analysis of your GA data without any hassle.

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Extending Classes in Cappuccino

September 7, 2008 A brief look at a simple example of extending the CPTextField class in Cappuccino. Breaks down the extension process into six steps, walking through them with the example.

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Writing Mahou; a Cappuccino Image Search

September 7, 2008 I spent much of the day writing Mahou, which is the Japanese word for magic, and is now also a Yahoo! Boss Search Mashup Framework and Cappuccino (and Google App Engine, while we're at it) powered image search engine. It's a pretty interesting application, and even the least technical readers might enjoy playing around with it a bit.

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Startups and Assembly Lines

September 5, 2008 After reading George Lakoff's Don't Think of an Elephant I spent a long time trying to apply his idea of framing to my own life. One deeply rooted but flawed mental model that kept occurring to me was that of "businesses as assembly lines." Beyond the dubious morality of treating workers as cogs, this assembly line frame also encourages excess production as Good, and profit as God. Worse yet, the model erroneously conflates profit with utility, and leaves us all worse off for it.

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Migrating the 'This Week in Django' Concept

September 5, 2008 This Week in Django had a fantastic site design, and pausing to examine the new layout I wondered: why hasn't the TWID concept spread to other projects?

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Poor Wireless Connectivity for MacBook

September 4, 2008 Quick posting of my solution to extremely poor wireless connectivity on my MacBook.

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