Opinionated Programming Languages, The Huddled Masses, and Elitism

January 19, 2008 The Language For Smart People and Language For Masses dichotomy is one that leaves a queasy feeling in my stomach. Just because a distinction has become accepted by the community doesn't mean it is a valid one.

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Lesson Plan: My Winter Vacation

January 17, 2008 A look at a recent lesson I created for one of my first year junior high school classes.

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New Style for Including Resources in Entries on LifeFlow

January 16, 2008 A brief description of a backwards incompatible change in LifeFlow, while also taking a quick look at how LifeFlow is implemented and where it is going.

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Adding Arbitrary Mods to LifeFlow

January 15, 2008 A look at the new mod system incorporated in LifeFlow to facilitate adding arbitrary non-standard code to your deployment.

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Changes from Living

January 14, 2008 I try to keep my philosophical musings pretty private. Statements of purpose and meaning have a scale of grandeur that as of yet I can't translate into a public setting. Still, a simple thought: living is changing.

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Introduction to Kamioka-cho, Hida-shi, Gifu-ken, Japan

January 11, 2008 An introduction to the lovely town I have been living in for some five months now. Lots of pictures to illustrate the points that words never can.

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Odors from Shoes Curious in OS X 10.4

January 10, 2008 I like *Shoes*, a GUI toolkit from Why The Lucky Stiff, a lot. Its a joy to use. Except when it goes haywire.

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Driving on the Left Side

January 10, 2008 A few thoughts and pictures of my stylish Suzuki Wagon R that cheerfully (it has a flower sticker on the door to the gas tank) escorts me through the rural landscapes of Kamioka.

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Don't Repeat Yourself for Bloggers: Dynamic Blog Context in LifeFlow

January 10, 2008 Programmers talk about DRY, or Don't Repeat Yourself, all the time. Its a strategy for making programming more pleasant, more efficient, and to reduce errors. LifeFlow uses a simple idea, which I have brazenly labeled Dynamic Blog Context, to try to take a few steps toward DRY while writing blogs.

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Cleanly Extending Python Markdown with Syntax Highlighting

January 10, 2008 A look at extending the Python Markdown library. It happens to be an extremely well written library, so extending it is a bit more fun than it ought to be. Take a look.

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Update to Lethain.com

January 8, 2008 As you can see (if you are a regular) I have changed the style of the website a bit. Hope you enjoy it.