4. Airplanes

December 10, 2007 Its hard to know what to think about airplanes. But sometimes its harder to stop thinking when you're participating in their scientific magic.

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Two-Faced Django Part 4: The Webapp

December 9, 2007 Segment four of the Two-Faced Django series. Implementing our web application (except for the Ajax).

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Two-Faced Django Part 3: Newforms

December 4, 2007 Part three of the Two-faced Django series looks at using newforms for validation.

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Two-Faced Django Part 2: Models and Django Testing

December 4, 2007 In the second part of this series we put together our models for this project, and also introduce the Django testing framework.

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Two-Faced Django Part 1: Building a project that exists simultaniously on Facebook and the web

December 4, 2007 The first article of an eight article series on using Django to create apps that exist simultaneously as independent web applications and as Facebook applications. This segment covers putting together our development setup.

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3. Shuttle Busses

December 3, 2007 The third segment of The Art of Teaching English Poorly. No more stellar than the first two, probably a bit worse, in-fact. Reflections on the people around the protagonist on a shuttle bus towards an airport.

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On Education, Self-Responsibility and Manure

December 2, 2007 Its a rare month that I don't find some angry article about the problems of universities in America. If only they did X, or they implemented policy Y. I have a suspicion though, that the fault with American universities lies in a much broader social problem.

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2. Traffic Jams

December 1, 2007 Sometimes we find relief in life's nuances... simply because they are predictable when nothing else can be relied upon. Part two of Zen and the Art of Teaching English Poorly.

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1. Beginnings

December 1, 2007 Chapter one of Zen and the Art of Teaching English Poorly. On beginnings.

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0. Introduction

December 1, 2007 Sometimes the urge to write strikes you, and you have to take that opportunity when its there. It won't always pan out. But thats expected.

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Using JQuery with Django for Autocomplete Fields

December 1, 2007 A rather rough and tumble walkthrough for using Django and JQuery to make autocomplete input fields.

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