Odors from Shoes Curious in OS X 10.4

January 10, 2008 I like *Shoes*, a GUI toolkit from Why The Lucky Stiff, a lot. Its a joy to use. Except when it goes haywire.

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On Writing

February 19, 2008 It turns out that I spend a lot of time writing. I have developed my own aesthetic, and today it seemed like a good time to write about that aesthetic, and also the process of learning to write.

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On Hegemony and an Anti-Capitalist Bias in European Textbooks

January 27, 2008 A few thoughts on anti-capitalist bias in German and French textbooks, and on similarities between pro-capitalist mass education and pro-socialist mass education.

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A Few Quick Updates to Site

October 12, 2007 I have made a few technical updates to the website. The consequences should be more stability and a better visual appearance for Internet Explorer users.

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Technical Aspects of the Life Flow Editor

February 3, 2008 A discussion about some of the technical aspects involved in the implementation of the LifeFlow Editor. Some Django snippets included.

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"Building Scalable Web Sites" by Cal Henderson

July 18, 2007 Scaling is hard. Scaling is daunting. Scaling is chaos. If you agree with these statements you may want to take a gander at Building Scalable Web Sites by Cal Henderson. Or at least read my witty review.

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Defining Your Web Aesthetic

October 24, 2007 A quick test for helping designers discover a little bit more about the preferences of their customers.

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My First Sickday in Japan

February 13, 2008 Had a weird morning today...

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Another Slight Mistake...

December 28, 2007 Got caught by a bit of an error which lead to my markdown superset not being coherently rendered, but its all fixed now. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

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I Live in New Jersey

September 1, 2008 Well, I've gone and moved to New Jersey. It's a bit different from North Carolina, Kentucky, and Japan, but not the end of the world. Some people might even say its quite nice. Other than people who use their horns. That's just unnecessary.

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Using Our Own Software

February 4, 2008 Do you have software that you wrote that you use on a daily basis? A few programs, or none at all? Why or why not?

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