"Building Scalable Web Sites" by Cal Henderson

July 18, 2007 Scaling is hard. Scaling is daunting. Scaling is chaos. If you agree with these statements you may want to take a gander at Building Scalable Web Sites by Cal Henderson. Or at least read my witty review.

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Defining Your Web Aesthetic

October 24, 2007 A quick test for helping designers discover a little bit more about the preferences of their customers.

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My First Sickday in Japan

February 13, 2008 Had a weird morning today...

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Using Our Own Software

February 4, 2008 Do you have software that you wrote that you use on a daily basis? A few programs, or none at all? Why or why not?

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Another Slight Mistake...

December 28, 2007 Got caught by a bit of an error which lead to my markdown superset not being coherently rendered, but its all fixed now. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

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I Live in New Jersey

September 1, 2008 Well, I've gone and moved to New Jersey. It's a bit different from North Carolina, Kentucky, and Japan, but not the end of the world. Some people might even say its quite nice. Other than people who use their horns. That's just unnecessary.

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A Historical Perspective on the JET Program in 2008

January 22, 2008 The JET Program is approximately as old as I am, but I imagine I'll continue to age long after it closes its doors. Why? Because of the competing visions about what the JET Program should be.

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Leaving Tokyo, Arriving in Kamioka

August 20, 2007 The transition from Tokyo to Kamioka is a great one. Tens of millions to thousands. Thousands of English speakers to one. Dreams to reality.

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Taming AuditTrail Proliferation

October 16, 2008 After integrating AuditTrail into an application I'm working on, I've been really pleased with its functionality, but needed a way to reduce the number of revisions to be a bit more manageable. This entry takes a quick look at a simple way to do prune AuditTrail revision histories without removing too many AuditTrails.

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Customizing LifeFlow Quickly with Skins

January 8, 2008 An introduction to skinning LifeFlow without causing any harm to the SVN checkout. The current skin on this website is about 30 lines of CSS, and a third of those are closing parentheses, so its not that hard to transform it from its default minimalism into something much more appealing.

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Midnight Philosophy in The Garden of Good and Evil

February 12, 2008 Whatever one might be tempted to label it as, its just a disjoint collection of sentence scribed by someone who ought to be in bed.

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